Commercial Complexes
  Residential Complexes
  Industrial Complexes

- Fire fighting station.
- Courier services.
- Restaurant
- Central warehouse complex administrative building.
- 24 hrs security within warehousing complex
Important features of the Pre Fab-Engineered Building (PEB)
- Maintenance free
- 100% leak proof
- 100% dampness proof and leak proof due to Galvalume sheet cladding.
- Earthquake resistant
- Turbo ventilators for better temperature control.
- FRP sheet for natural lighting.
- Wind, rain and lightning protected.
- Free movement area for forklift due to minimum intermediate columns.
- All truck bay height building.
Values and Services

Prithvi1Group Builders & Developers offer fully RCC constructed having 14 feet high with mosaic flooring which is suitable for the FMCG & Pharmaceutical Companies and RCC plinth with Pre-Engineered, Pre-Fabricated CRS Structural roofed having 25/32 feet high with Tremix flooring which is mainly used by the corporate for storing their Electronics/Home Appliances.

Prithvi1Group Builders & Developers premises are with round the clock special Security. Problems and calls/queries are attended immediately and solved in 24 hours time.

Prithvi1Group family/staffs maintains a good friendly relationship environment with their valued investors and clients by way of providing the best services they deserves in time to time. Our motto is the satisfaction of Investors and Customers/Clients.

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